The Easy Way To Find Families Hiring Housekeepers

The Easy Way To Find Families Hiring Housekeepers

As a housekeeper, it can be a challenge putting together enough different jobs to keep you busy all week, but with the growth in online communities for cleaning professionals and those looking to hire, it’s become much easier to find job. Whether you are looking for a residential, apartment, office, commercial or condo cleaning job, these communities will help you find opportunities near you. However, not all these websites are optimized to allow employers to narrow down their search and find the people who offer the services they need and expect. The more features they have to make searching easier for both employers and potential hires, the more precise your search will be;make it easy on yourself the next time you’re looking for another client. When you’re using a website to find your next job, these are the top features you should be looking for.

1. Post a Profile: This profile will help you advertise your services and let people who need cleaning services in your area find out what kind of services you provide, particularly those tasks that are considered to be “above and beyond,” like packing, pet clean up, or tough tasks in the attic or basement. Make sure you write a profile that stands out, that’s professional, and that highlights your experience and skills in order to find housekeeping jobs in your area.

If you offer something different such as green cleaning or crossover services like childcare or pet care, be sure to include these in your profile as well. Employers are also regularly looking for cleaners who are willing to perform additional household duties like window washing, appliance deep cleaning, and dish washing as well.

It also helps if the website you’re using also enables employers to write private (i.e., their eyes only) notes attached to your profile so that they consult the results of your interview when deciding whom they should hire. Sites like provide this feature and it helps employers keep you in mind; even if you’re not their first pick, the ability to create favorite lists also means that the next time they need to hire or just find a temporary replacement, you will be the first one to hear back.

2. Browse Available Jobs: When looking for a cleaning job online, the first step is to browse the Help Wanted listings, select and contact those that are in your area, request services you provide, and whose requirements you meet, such as providing your own transportation and supplies. Each post specifies the cleaning and service requirements (kitchen cleaning, bathroom, window washing, etc.), which allows you to seamlessly and quickly filter through the best positions for you – employers will then visit your profile and call for an interview if you’re the right fit.

3. Identity Protected Phone Calls: Identity protected phone calls make it far easier for employers to reach out to potential hires, which is why it’s offered by sites like When employers reach out to you for the first time, their numbers will be protected until you’ve been hired, which removes the risk of employers receiving spam calls through the system. The system also tracks and lists your calls on a Call History page, enabling you to monitor the people you have been in touch with.

4. Customer Support: An online platform should have a helpful customer support with a dedicated support team to ensure all your questions are well answered; it also helps if they regularly publish resources that you can use to create better profiles and offer better services. Start looking for jobs the smart way on the right place.


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