The Moroccan Berber Rug For Today’s Interior

The Moroccan Berber Rug For Today's Interior

The Beauty of Moroccan Berber Rugs

If you’re always interested in hot new trends in the interior design world, you may want to learn more about Berber rugs from Morocco in North Africa. If you’re a fan of painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail, you’ll love the feelings of authenticity these stunning rugs provide. Members of the Berber tribes hand-weave these traditional tribal rugs. Berber people, for the most part, live in Morocco. Some of them live in Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Egypt and Libya, too.

Berber rugs have a very long history, to say the least. Berber carpeting is thought to have been around as far back in history as the Paleolithic era. Berber people who lived in North Africa employed a variety of natural fibers to make rugs. They also used them to make cloaks, among other types of items.

If you want to design your home and give it a lovely and traditional feel, then purchasing a Berber rug may make a smart choice for you. These rugs are undeniably attractive, with exotic yet classic looks. There are many good points of Berber rugs, too. First and foremost, they’re extremely strong and sturdy. If you want to invest in a gorgeous handcrafted rug that will stay looking nice and neat for a very long time, a Berber rug may be perfect for you. These rugs don’t tire or deteriorate very quickly at all. They’re tough.

Berber carpets are also undeniably beautiful. They come in a vast array of colors and designs. It’s not easy to find two Berber rugs that look too similar to one another. If you want to give your home interior design a contemporary, fresh and somewhat exotic charm, then buying a nice Berber rug can be a wonderful choice.

If you fancy yourself a rather clumsy individual, you’ll love the fact that Berber rugs are highly resistant to pesky spills. This is also a big benefit for households that have young children. If you’re perpetually in fear of your children spilling juice all over your Berber rug and ruining it for good, for example, you don’t have to be. These rugs don’t soak up spills very much. If you discover an unsightly and annoying spill on your Berber rug, you can take care of it simply by gently dabbing at it.

Berber rugs are the definition of pure comfort. Since these rugs have nice looped designs, they feel like soft and pillowy cushions. If your feet are exhausted and sore after a long day of being on them nonstop, walking on a Berber rug can make for a wonderful remedy.

Some Berber rugs also tend to be affordable. If you’re looking to purchase a gorgeous new rug for your living room, for example, and want to avoid spending an unreasonable amount of money, then you may want to go for a Berber. Note, however, that there are certain varieties of more expensive Berber rugs , too. These include those that are produced using camel hair or wool.

Maintenance of Berber rugs generally isn’t a big problem for people. Since these rugs don’t usually soak up liquids very well, they’re not usually susceptible to a lot of stains. If you buy a Berber rug that’s on the pale side, you may want to vacuum it regularly to reduce the accumulation of debris and grime, however. It’s vital to employ an appropriate vacuum to take care of your Berber rug. Opt for a suction-only choice. If you fail to use a suction-only option, you could risk harming the rug.

If you love beautiful, dependable and exotic carpeting, a Berber rug from Morocco should definitely be part of your residence.


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