The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

Have you heard of mobile spy apps? It is a big thing these days as there are many people who are for it and many who are against it, especially when it comes to monitoring kids by parents and monitoring employees by companies. There is also a third, a less controversial aspect to using such apps and that is for personal data security and partial data backup. They are called mobile spy apps but these apps are also referred to by a less ominous name i.e. monitoring and tracking apps. We will be looking at how they work and mention some of their features using a well-tested and time-proven app called XNSPY.

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

How They Work?

XNSPY and most commercially available spy apps require manual installation on the device to be monitored as in the case of Android (rooted/non-rooted) and jailbreak iOS device. For installation on no-jailbreak devices, the iCloud credentials are required. This is not similar to actual spyware that is remotely installed through hacks and viruses. After purchase XNSPY sends a welcome email that includes login details, an activation code, and installation instructions. The login details are to the web-based control panel that you will use to do the monitoring and tracking. The activation code will be required once you install the app on your target device (the device you intend to monitor). Once the app is installed depending on what mode you select stealth or visible; it will start working and sending stats to the app server, the app server, and all reports are accessed through the online control panel.

Features and Functionality

XNSPY has all the basic and essential features of mobile spy apps as well as advanced functionality. We will look at the functionality and give a brief description of how it can be useful.

• Online Dashboard: The web-based control panel provides for ease of use; it can practically be used to monitor and track the target device from anywhere in the world. A suitable Internet connection and web-browser is required. Multiple devices can be monitored from a single dashboard.

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

• Dashboard App: If you have an Android device you can download this app and use it to track the target device(s) regardless of what OS (Android/iOS) they are running on.

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

• Call Records: The app stores and sends all call logs and records all incoming/outgoing calls. The location the call took place, along with the contact name (if available), number, duration, and date and time are also provided. This allows the app user to hear the conversation and know where it took place.

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

• Text Messages: All text messages regardless of the channel used are made available for reading. This includes conversations from the following channels: SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, KiK, Instagram, Skype, and Email.

All the conversations are included with details such as contact name, number (if applicable), date and time stamp, email address (if applicable), etc.

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

• Online Activity and Schedule: The app relays all browser history and bookmarks it also stores and relays and schedules and meetings that have been mentioned in the Calendar app on the target device. Allows parents to keep a check on their kids’ browsing and for employers to decide for a suitable time for a meeting that would not clash with their employee’s other meetings.

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

• Location Tracking and Geofencing: This is a great feature, the app using the GPS and/or data/Wi-Fi connection displays the current as well as the day’s location history of the target device. The app user if required can also set up a virtual fence of sorts, whereby if the target device leaves, enters or gets near a specified area, the app user is notified via email. This provides a good way for parents to track their kids’ whereabouts.

XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

• Remote Failsafe Systems: The app has two failsafe systems that can be remotely initiated – the remote lock and the remote delete all functions. In the case of loss or theft, these failsafe can be invaluable in preventing private and confidential data from getting leaked.

There are a whole lot more features that this mobile spy app offer; it would be difficult to describe them all and how they can be used for personal, parental or employee monitoring. If you would like to get more information regarding XNSPY, please visit their website.


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