Throwing An Awesome NBA Finals Party

Throwing an awesome NBA Finals party requires careful planning, good food and the best satellite TV technology. Because the NBA Finals are a best of seven series, choosing the right day to have the party is critical. Have too late and there won’t be a game; have it in the middle, and the game may not mean as much. Throwing the party on the first or fourth game of the series is a great idea. The first game gets everybody ready for the games that are to follow it. The fourth game may be an elimination game, or it may be in the middle of the series, but it is guaranteed to be played. Games two and three may be exciting, but they don’t have the excitement that comes with a kick off or with a possible ending.

If watching the game is a big part if the party, it is important to get a television that everyone can see – the bigger the better. Of course, the TV is only going to be as good as the programming it receives. The best satellite TV technology will allow party goers to view the film in high definition – just like being in the arena minus the guys shooting prizes into the audience. Some people say that satellite is more reliable than cable; that means that not a second of the action will be lost.

Wherever people gather, food becomes the focus. By theming the party to the NBA Finals, there are some natural suggestions that can flow. The first is sports food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, dips, wings and beer or soda are reasonable expectations, but they are also average party going fare. Taking it up a notch may require making food specialties related to the teams’ cities or names. Fixing a particular player’s favorite meal is another way to expand the menu, or fixing food that plays off of the players’ names is another way to make it interesting.

It is also important to make sure that there is enough to do for those who are at the party who may not be big basketball fans. Helping them understand the game if they are interested will go a long ways to giving them more enjoyment in the game. If they have no interest, be sure that they have a place to feel comfortable.

An NBA Finals party is a great way to bring friends and family members together especially when good food and the best satellite TV technology is involved. Everyone can have fun cheering on their favorite team and watching the amazing athletic prowess of NBA players as they get closer to the goal that they played for all season.


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