Using Baby Carriers

Using Baby Carriers

Baby slings or carriers allow parents to bring their babies around with them wherever they go. But is it advisable to get one instead of a stroller? One of our readers is wary that her baby may become sakang or bowlegged.

A baby carrier or sling is a very convenient way to carry one’s baby while malling since it frees one’s hands to carry packages or hold the hands of older children.

Also, babies love the gentle movement and the closeness to their mother’s warm body, a feeling quite similar to that of being cocooned inside the womb. The child is also safe and secure and can adjust himself to the position he feels comfortable in.

Parents need not worry about their babies turning sakang or bowlegged. All babies start out bowlegged but as they grow up and start walking, their legs eventually straighten out.

How to Choose a Baby Carrier

Make sure it has the following features:

  1. Easy to hook and detach without help
  2. Adjustable and with padded straps
  3. Easy to wash
  4. Offers head and shoulder support for baby
  5. Has a wide bottom to support baby’s buttocks and thighs. Choose a front carrier model if your baby cannot sit independently yet


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