Walking On Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine

School’s out! Already planning for fun-filled activities this summer?

We bet you’re thinking of going to the beach, going on vacation in the province, hanging out with friends and family, spending the days of summer playing and having so much fun, right?

Sure, there are so many activities to choose from and enjoy, bot how about adding some helpful activities that will surely make your vacation worthwhile, but of course still fun?

Here are some suggestions to make your vacation meaningful and your most memorable summer yet.

Reach out!

Volunteer this summer at local charity projects or environmental causes. This is not only a great way of helping others, but also an exciting way to know your community even more. Plus, you’ll surely meet new people who can be your best buds. Why not spend a few hours on weekends for a community project? Encourage your friends and family to join, too, so all of you can feel how good it is to reach out and contribute positively to your community.

Give, give, and give!

Donate old toys, clothes, and other stuff you don’t need anymore but could still benefit others. Find local charities or organizations dedicated to helping out our less fortunate brothers and sisters. You can also donate to communities that were recently hit by calamities. Donating is also a great way of cleaning out your room, isn’t it? You not only free up some space in your room but it also gives your heart a great feeling of being able to give to others who may have nothing left. But be sure to give away only the items that can still be used or worn.

Ready, Set, Go!

If you can’t find a local charity or project of your choice, why not start one? Tag along your friends and family and start a project for a cause. You can start a recycling drive or a plant-a-tree project in your local park. You can start a donation drive, too. There are so many ways to help our community in our own little way.

Adding these simple yet fulfilling activities to your summer agenda not only makes good use of your free time, but it can benefit you and your community, as well. You get to spend quality time with your family and friends, meet new people, help others improve their quality of life, and gain a better perspective in life. Summer should not only be a time for you to enjoy your school break, but it could also be a time for you to see what you can do to contribute to the society. As little as they may be, these simple actions can greatly affect the lives you will encounter along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your parents and plan how you can start walking on sunshine by helping your community this summer.


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