Ways To Get The Family In The Garden

Ways To Get The Family In The Garden

You have been waiting for some nice weather all week, and now that it is finally here, you are fixing to have your family out there having fun. However, no one is willing to bite. You wrack your head for what possible reason could be causing the problem, but it does not seem like you are close to getting to the answer. They simply don’t want to go, and you can’t drag them there even if you wanted. So, how do you smoke them out?

Get a grill going?

Maybe they don’t want to go because they think that the place is boring. Maybe they don’t want to bite because there is nothing to bite! If you can, get a grill out there. Get the fire going and find a chunk of meat to go with it. If the smell of BBQ does not get them out there, nothing will! Grilled meat makes for a great meal and allows the family to sit around and socialize.

Get a fire pit out there

A good reason why no one wants to venture out at this time of the year is that it simply is too chilly for them. However, if you can make them feel as good in the outdoors as they do indoors, then you have just about found the magic formula. There are great fire pit designs out there, with dozens of sizes and styles to choose from, and all going for great prices. Garden fire pits are great at getting the family together to toast some marshmallows over the fire.

Prep the garden

If your garden looks like the Amazon, you can be sure nobody will want to have anything to do with it. Go to work on the area. Mow the grass and trim any other vegetation. Do some landscaping and get rid of all that ugly furniture you threw there last summer. In a nutshell, make your garden family-ready, and your family will want to be there.


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