Winter-Proof Roof

Winter-Proof Roof

Climate change has brought about harsher weather conditions and this includes colder than usual winter days with unusually heavy snowfall. Since this is the case, it’s a must to prepare your home for cold weather not just in terms of protecting your roof and other parts of the house but also lowering your utility bills. Be sure to clean the gutters. Over time, leaves and debris have surely accumulated in your gutter and this will clog the downspouts if not cleared. Also, the weight of the leaves and water could damage your gutter, causing it to eventually fall off. Always remove leaves and other debris on your roof’s surface because even the smallest debris will retain moisture and rot, thus damaging your roofing.

It’s also important to check the roof for damages and take note of any deterioration. Damaged flashing around vent stacks, skylights, and chimneys as well as missing or cracked shingles may cause leaks. Aside from roof repair, preventing your energy bills from skyrocketing should likewise be addressed. Adequate airflow in your attic is essential to prevent accumulation of heat which can cause moisture damage and molding in your roof’s supports.

For your roof to be thoroughly checked and repaired, it’s better to hire the services of a roofing contractor rather than do everything by yourself. Never mind that you’ll have to spend money, at least you and your family are safe and comfortable for the winter.


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