5 Ways To Enjoy Your Home Entertainment Services Without Going Broke

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Home Entertainment Services Without Going Broke

For many consumers, the cost of home entertainment services are enough to turn their hair gray. Spending hundreds of dollars every month on television, phone, and internet services is enough to ruin anyone’s budget. The issue, however, is that you enjoy kicking back and watching your favorite shows and movies or connecting to WiFi to play games and shop online in your spare time. Is there a feasible way to do the things you enjoy without having to go broke? There are plenty of avenues to take, but these are the most popular:

1. Shop Around

When you sign up for most television subscription services, you are attracted to the low price referred to as the promotional offer. Television providers want to attract new customers and will often offer their services for a low cost to get you signed up. However, after a few months (usually 6 months to a year) those prices go away and you’re back to paying full price.

To combat this, you want to try shopping around for other TV providers in your area. You may find that they have better deals to offer you for a longer term. Comparison shopping allows you to not only see what company is offering services at the best price, but also allows you to make sure that you’re getting the best overall value for the price that you’re paying. Checking out sites like satellitetv-deals.com provides details on Phoenix, AZ, Baton Rouge, LA, Santa Fe, NM, and Dallas, TX Direct TV offers (as well as other qualifying cities and states). You can review the type of packages they have available as well as the technological features you’ll need.

2. Bundle Your Services

Bundling is a term you’ve likely heard before. It is the concept of taking several services from the same provider and paying one price instead of several different prices. Generally, when you bundle your services, you can receive additional savings. If you’re in need of television, phone, and internet subscription services, bundling would help you save more on your overall costs each month.

3. Review Your Package

Again, sometimes you get so caught up in the initial signup price that you don’t really pay attention to the details of the package. Sure paying under $100 for your TV, phone, and internet services can be great, but are you paying for services you don’t even use? If you have a television package with over 500 channels but you only watch 10, you could be wasting your money. Review your package to ensure that you’re paying for things that you really use. If you find that you could downgrade to a smaller package that would still suit your home entertainment needs, then do so.

4. Ditch the Home Phone

If you make a lot of long distance or international calls, then having a home phone or landline is beneficial. However, if you have a good cell phone plan, you don’t need to waste the extra cash on paying for a home phone. You can pay anywhere from $15 – $50 a month on home phone services. If you never use the phone, it’s a waste of money. Ditching your home phone plan can save you anywhere from $180 to $600 a year.

5. Order Fewer Devices

When you sign up to receive home entertainment services you’re asked how many televisions you need to set up, which version of router will you need, and so on. Instead of having every television in your home set up with a television box and ordering the most fancy internet router, you can order less. Maybe this means your living room and bedroom televisions are the only ones with television boxes, but it could save you about $15 a month which again adds up to about $180 a year.

As you can see there are ways you can enjoy watching your favorite television shows or movies without worrying about your budget. Paying attention to offers, knowing when it’s time to downgrade, and shopping around could save you hundreds of dollars each year. It may also be helpful to contact your television service provider as they do want to keep your business and will be forthcoming with various offers and deals they have to help you save even more money.


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