Band Instructor Seal Of Approval

Looking for a good budget clarinet? If you are then I recommend the Student Clarinet Model ECL-100 by Etude. At 1st I Looked into renting a clarinet but when I saw this it seemed that buying it would be a better option due to its price. I didn’t want to buy an expensive clarinet for a beginner and not knowing if my daughter would be into it. I saw some models at lower prices and many at much higher prices. We bought this one and were very happy to learn that the band instructor told my daughter that she had a good clarinet. The clarinet came with a nice case and it feels and looks well made. I would happily spend an extra $20 – $30 to get this one vs. the other cheaper models. I don’t know a thing about woodwind brasswinds but the fact that her band instructor liked her clarinet made me feel like we got a good one.


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