Great Alternative To Propane Water Heater

Are you looking for a heat pump that can help you save on energy cost? If you are then I recommend Rheem heat pump. My previous propane water heater was consuming about 300 gallons of propane a year which costs about $900 a year. This really puts a toll on my budget. So I went out to look for another one. Luckily I found one which only costs me about $230 per year in electricity. The Rheem heat pump with its tax credit and fuel savings, will shortly pay for itself and provide great savings and more dependable energy costs. The Rheem heat pump only operates a few times during the day and even when it operates, it is very quiet comparable to a refrigerator. This is a very exciting and worthwhile investment especially since a new “high efficiency” propane water heater consumes about 260 gallons of propane a year and tank less water heater consumes about 200 gallons of propane a year.


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