How Motherhood Makes You Healthier

How Motherhood Makes You Healthier

When you’re running on little sleep, crackers for lunch, and pat-a-cake for exercise, you hardly feel healthy. But being a mom can benefit your body, specifically your:

  • Brain

    Mommy brain” is a myth; motherhood may actually cause certain areas of it to grow. Researchers say that hormonal changes reshape the brain to prepare you for nurturing your child.

  • Heart

    A recent study found that couples with kids had lower blood pressure than those without. Experts believe that children bring purpose to your life, which may be related to better health.

  • Breasts

    Giving birth could reduce your risk of breast cancer. Having fewer menstrual cycles means less exposure to estrogen, which has been linked to an increased chance of the disease.

  • Ovaries

    Fewer periods may also protect you from ovarian cancer. Some researchers believe the inflammation that occurs during ovulation damages cells, which could lead to cancerous changes.


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