My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit

My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit

Almost all women can bear a child but not all can be good, dedicated mothers. Indeed, motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own. Having said that, I’ve always admired my mom, Mely. She is certainly my unsung hero. No amount of thank you’s would be enough to show my appreciation of everything that she has done for me since I was a child until now. My childhood is far from perfect since I never really grew up with a father. My parents got separated when I was eight years old. I only got to see my dad a few times a year during summer vacation. My parents’ separation was kind of hard for me because I’m an only child.

My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit
Mama Mely, my unsung hero

I’m very proud that my mom was able to raise me well, in a positive environment. She did her best to provide me with a childhood that’s filled with happiness and love. No wonder I didn’t rebel even during my teenage years. As a matter of fact, I never thought of any negativity and instead focused on my studies. Being a single parent was hard for my mom because she was just a regular employee. But inspite this, she was able to give all my needs. She even let me go to a private school until I reached high school. Then in college, she enrolled me in a prestigious university. My parents have since reconciled.

My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit
Letting my mom wear the medal I got during my graduation in high school

My mom is the most unselfish person I know. She gave me everything I wanted and never asked for anything in return. She takes care of me when I’m sick and comforts me when I’m troubled. But like many mother-daughter relationships, ours wasn’t smooth-sailing. I have caused my mom pain and sleepless nights when I got pregnant a few months after I graduated from college. She nagged me about it only once and never again did I hear anything about that from her. I know how much she loves me and despite what happened, she never stopped caring for me and has supported me all the way.

My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit
She’s not just my mom, she’s also my best friend and the sister I never had

My mother would always remind me to pray. I know that during the worst times of my life, it was she who has been praying for me so much. She’s not just my mother, she’s also my best friend and the sister I never had. She’s also my role model and she made me the woman I am today. I always come back to her teachings and would teach them too to my daughter. I’m the kind of mother I am to my child because of the lessons I learned from her. I love my child unselfishly; willing to let go of everything and anything just to be there for her. I always make it a point that my child knows how much I support her and if she needs a hug, a kiss, an encouragement, she knows that she’ll have a mother to turn to.

My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit
Me and mom through the years

There’s no “perfect” mother. Mothers are only human and there will be times they fall short of the expectations children set. However, a mother’s love can be considered a glimpse of how much God loves us.

To my mom, thank you for always seeing the best in me, never becoming exasperated or critical of my imperfections but affirming the woman you know me to be. That has inspired me to do great things. I love you!

My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit
My mom with her one and only favorite apo, Kimy

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My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit
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