We’ve Been Meaning To Tell You… (Part 2)

We've Been Meaning To Tell You... (Part 2)

Your Obstetrician – Gynecologist

  • Bonding with your spouse starts on the first pre-natal checkup

    And gets stronger when labor pains strike. A healthy husband-and-wife relationship is witnessed big-time during checkups and on D-day. Husbands, better be around when it counts the most!

  • Please heed your doctor’s advice to the hilt.

    Help us help you.

  • Don’t put us in between to keep the peace.

    Spare us from arbitrating if hubby fell prey to one night of indiscretion and contracted an STD.

  • A yearly pap smear is indispensable.

    A cervical vaccine against HPV (human papilloma virus), outstanding! Good health is great wealth.

  • Ax these cosmic myths,

    i.e. aspirin in your Coke makes for a good contraceptive; standing up after s*x spills the sperms; or soaping with your favorite feminine wash lowers the risk of acquiring an STD.

We've Been Meaning To Tell You... (Part 2)

Your Dentist

  • Kindly come on time all the time.

    Just like yours, other people’s teeth are waiting for a fix, too.

  • The dental clinic is not a wet market.

    Please don’t haggle too much.

  • Please brush your teeth before your appointment.

    It’s a simple gesture of respect for your doctor.

  • Junk the junk if you detest tooth decay.

    The powdered flavorings in chips from acids that slowly create holes in the tooth’s enamel. Yes, what started as a needlepoint-sized caries can eat up the entirety of your shiny white tooth.

  • Be faithful with your semi-annual health check.

    Don’t cop out when it comes to dental care. A once-a-year date is not enough collateral for your molars and incisors.

We've Been Meaning To Tell You... (Part 2)

Your Child’s Yaya / Nanny

  • Namimilipit ang dila naming mag-ingles.

    Baka magdugo ang ilong namin. (Speaking English can be tongue-twisting. We’re afraid our nose might bleed.)

  • Sana makita n’yo ang lahat ng ginagawa namin.

    We wish you could see everything that we do.

  • Kung unsay mga rules sa balay kung mga bata!

    How we wish the children would obey all the rules at home!

  • Ang pagsagot sa amin gamit ang “po” at “opo” ay nkakataba ng puso.

    Using po and opo when talking to us makes our hearts swell.

  • Sana matuto kaming gumamit ng coffeemaker at blender.

    Mukhang masarap ang Starbucks coffee. (We wish to learn to use the coffeemaker and blender. Starbucks coffee looks yummy, but a ‘house blend’ is fine, too.)

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