Why Moms Shouldn’t Be Guilty Of Treating Themselves – Mom’s Day Out

Why Moms Shouldn't Be Guilty Of Treating Themselves - Mom's Day Out

When you become a mom, investing something for yourself becomes different. You get to feel this guilt that shouldn’t be there in the first place. We tend to prioritize the kids and the whole family before us not knowing that we should consider ourselves important too.

It was last week when I get invited to attend Sun Life’s Mom’s Day Out. It was an exclusive event for mommies only. From the event itself, no kids are allowed. So without hesitation, I grab the opportunity.

Before we attend the said talk, we were given a relaxing treat by the Sun Life team at the Spa Cebu. It was an hour Swedish massage and it indeed gave us a relaxing afternoon! Then, I understood why kids aren’t allowed to go with us for that specific event.

Why Moms Shouldn't Be Guilty Of Treating Themselves - Mom's Day Out

In conjunction to that treat, at the said event, we get to meet two wonderful speakers from the north – Mrs. Michelle Alignay and Mrs. Rosario Rivera.

It was a short talk about how mothers should give time for themselves not just for their whole family. There, I’ve learned that we shouldn’t be guilty of treating ourselves once in a while. We should take a break for a while and treat ourselves, sometimes. It was indeed a nice discussion and thank you to Mrs. Alignay for reminding us moms that we should take care of ourselves just like how we take care of our family.

Why Moms Shouldn't Be Guilty Of Treating Themselves - Mom's Day Out

One of the highlights of event is the talk about financial management which was hosted by Mrs. Rivera. She shares about how it is important get the freedom we want in financial means. To help things work out, Sun Life introduces the MyFuture Fund which aims to help moms to prepare their kid’s bright future. For as low as Php 39.00 per day (estimate investment you can invest for MyFuture Fund), you can start build the better tomorrow for your kids!

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