Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamins: My Most Trusted Unilab Brand

Unilab has been providing consumers with the best brands in the market today for over six (6) decades and surely for many more decades to come. Now being the biggest pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the Philippines, the company has indeed come a long way. Its portfolio includes some of the biggest prescription, beauty, and consumer healthcare brands in the country (see all their brands at www.unilab.com.ph). Because of Unilab’s wide range of brands and products, each one of us surely have our favorite or trusted brand, something that we can’t live without.

Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamins: My Most Trusted Unilab Brand

Being a devoted and loving mom, I definitely cannot sacrifice the health of my child for just any brand but only the best. That being said, my most trusted Unilab brand is Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamins. It is the most prescribed Vitamin C by doctors and most trusted vitamin by mothers with 10x more Vitamin C protection than milk or vegetables that helps boost a child’s immunity.

Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamins: My Most Trusted Unilab Brand
My daughter, Kimy, when she was 5 years old

My 7-year old daughter has been taking this since she was a baby. Ceelin Drops was the first vitamins that her pediatrician prescribed. When she was about two (2) years old, I started giving her Ceelin Syrup, which she took until she was five (5). I replaced that with Ceelin Chewables, which she has been taking until the present.

Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamins: My Most Trusted Unilab Brand
Kimy at 7

I’ve never tried any other Vitamin C brand, Ceelin is the only brand I trust. Kimy, being sickly when she was younger was the reason why her pedia prescribed Ceelin, since it helps boost her immune system and protects her from illnesses.

For everybody out there, especially mothers who only want the best for their children, try Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamins.

Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamins: My Most Trusted Unilab Brand

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