Easy Baon Tips For Mommies

Easy Baon Tips For Mommies

It’s that time of the year again when we send our kids to school and hope they do well and of course, eat well. While you keep your hopes up, why don’t you spice things up in the kitchen? Don’t rely on school food that is almost always commercialized, packed with artificial flavor enhancers and God-knows-what.

The secret to making your kids enjoy their homemade baon is this: looks, taste, and variety. The freshness and healthiness of the food is the last of their concern but on top of yours. So here are some very helpful tips in preparing your kiddos’ baons:

  • Hide your veggies: Veggies never appeal to kids so the best way to feed them their healthy greens and other stuff is to mask them. Chicken-carrot nuggets? Easy. Beef n’ malunggay burger? Ahh yes!
  • Stay away from easy spoilers and pack baons in airtight containers. Pasta and noodles like pancit are a no-no for midday baon.
  • Be creative in arranging your food. A little sunshine in their lunchboxes will go a long way.
  • Try not to repeat baons. Or if you must, tweak it a little every time. It would be cute if you come up with cute and funny names for their baons too.
  • As much as you can, add fruits (an apple or a banana) to their baon. The natural sugars in them can keep them energized all day without as much calories as the school caf cuppies.


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