Joining The Juniors: Having An Adult Scooter Is A Great Way To Join Your Kids In The Fun

Joining The Juniors: Having An Adult Scooter Is A Great Way To Join Your Kids In The Fun

Do you remember the pastimes as a child, soaring down the street on your scooter with your friends? For many people that is a time long gone but it’s not all doom and gloom, did you know there are kick scooters designed specifically for adults? No longer are the days of playing on scooters a fond memory, you can pick up a scooter and go have fun with your family!

Why Adult Scooters?

Many people want to relive their childhood and what a better way to do it than a scooter. Purchasing an adult scooter can not only be a great way to spend time with your family and help you to remember those precious moments from your childhood but it can also be a great way to commute to and from work.

However, there could be an even bigger reason behind it than just spending time reminiscing about your childhood.

Stress In Adults & The Business Industry

The toy market has grown three times larger just by adults buying toys and kids gadgets for themselves. This is known as being a “kidult” and these adults buying children’s toys have made the toy market rise 65% since 2012 and in 2016 made it rise a further 21%.

So what does this have to do with stressed adults and the business industry?

Many stressed adults turn to children’s toys and gadgets as a way to cope with stress and this is why business is thriving and you see more children’s gadgets being remade or re marketed to adults.

So, in the terms of adult scooters not only is it giving you a fun way to make your daily commutes and spend time with your family, it also gives you a chance for some well-needed downtime and stress relief.

Buying An Adult Scooter

There are a few things you should look out for when buying an adult scooter and also what purpose you have for it. Do you want a scooter just for having fun? A scooter for fitness or just for travel purposes? These are points to take into consideration when buying.

You shouldn’t really go buy a scooter just because it looks the coolest as you may not receive the best adult kick scooter for your personal requirements. An average adult between the ages of 25-35 spends an average of $2,423 yearly for entertainment purposes but why? Well, there are many reasons but a big factor is because things break easily and this is why we look into getting the proper requirements from items we want to purchase.

Your Height and Weight

I know sometimes we don’t like to talk about our weight and it can be a rather embarrassing thing in some cases but this is one situation we do need to discuss it. Your height and weight play an important role when it comes to purchasing a scooter as your weight can be a factor of why your scooter wears down or breaks quickly.

All scooters have a weight limit and if you are over the maximum weight it can carry then inevitably your scooter is going to wear down and be damaged a lot quicker. You are putting it under strain that it hasn’t been designed for.

Your height also comes into play because if you buy a scooter that is far too small then you are going to damage your back by constantly being hunched over. The same goes for buying a scooter that is too big for you, your body will be forced to stand in an unnatural posture and will cause back and possibly shoulder problems.

Ideally, the handles of your scooter should be sized between your hips and your chest so you can stand with your back straight for maximum comfort and support. Not to mention this is also the safest position to ride a scooter.

Scooter Types

  • Stunt Scooters
  • Commuter Scooters
  • Dirt Scooters

Each of these scooters has a different purpose and are tailored towards different people. For example, dirt scooters are designed to be strong and sturdy so are a great choice for adults on the heavier end of the scale whereas stunt scooters (usually aimed at children) are lightweight and benefit from lighter adults.

Before choosing which scooter you prefer, be sure to read the product descriptions of each type thoroughly or you could make a big mistake with your purchase. However, most scooters do tend to be fine as long as you are within the weight range and height range. As a general rule scooters can usually hold up to 224 pounds (16 stones).

So What Are The Benefits of Scooters?

Well, I could give you a list of reasons why scooters are great but among the most points, it’s a great eco-friendly way to travel, an amazingly fun way to get some exercise, de-stress and spend quality time with your family or kids.

Do we really need a reason to hop on a scooter and be a kid again for 5 minutes? We all deserve a break and some time to goof off and a scooter is an amazing way to do this.


All in, scooters are great for kids and adults alike whether you are reliving your childhood or racing your kids down the sidewalk. You can have some amazing moments when you buy an adult scooter whether it be making a subtle change to the planet or being the coolest parent on the block. Whatever your reason is, go out, have fun!


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