Maternity Clothing Buying Tips

When I was pregnant there were times when I felt so lousy and did not want to dress up. Everything was changing, not only my body but my mood as well and at times I did not know how to handle that fact. Fixing myself seemed so trivial and unimportant so I did not bother at all. That was until I read this article in a magazine which says that it is important for expectant mothers to wear nice clothes and still look pretty. The article pointed out that being beautiful does not stop when you are pregnant. It is essential to still look your best when you are pregnant because it somehow boosts your self confidence. Naturally when you feel good about yourself, that positive feeling generates into positive energy for your unborn child.

Maternity Clothing Buying Tips

Having said that, shopping for maternity clothes is not easy. There are a couple of things that you should always keep in mind such as affordability, practicality and comfort. You do not want to spend lots of money on clothes that you are only going to wear for a few months. Even if you are only planning on buying a few items, you should still know the tips to buying maternity clothing and what style would suit you and support your changing body. The more obvious choice would be stretchy fabrics.

Maternity Clothing Buying Tips

Comfort is the most important factor. Since pregnancy makes your body temperature higher than normal, fabrics that could be an irritant should be avoided. Opt for cotton because it is breathable and cool. Another tip is to buy clothes that you can still wear after giving birth. It is impossible to have the body you used to have immediately after the baby is born so you can definitely still wear your maternity clothes. I found some beautiful and affordable maternity clothes at Zalora PH.

Maternity Clothing Buying Tips

Invest in a maternity support band that you can strap around your expanding tummy because as your pregnancy progresses, your tummy will need support. They help in taking the strain from your lower back. You can check out Babies R Us‘ Maternity Support which is lightweight and easy to wear. Also do buy a good fitted bra because your bra size can change up to three times when you are pregnant and avoid underwear that cuts into skin like underwired bras because they can intervene with developing milk ducts. Last but not the least, do not buy jeans that are not designed for pregnancy because you will need support around the waist.


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  1. Anastasia J. Fraser

    August 6, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    I can totally relate with feeling lousy and not wanting to dress up! I actually hated looking at the mirror and seeing myself, i felt so ugly and it annoyed me so much when my clothes no longer fit me. I completely agree with the three factors to consider when shopping for clothes. Practicalitly, affordability and comfort. These three should always be noted when having to buy maternity clothes. Great post and tips by the way.

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